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Writer's Workshop for G6 to G9

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Writer's Workshop for G6 to G9
by Zena Muhtaseb Muhtaseb - Friday, 17 May 2019, 7:55 AM

G6 to G9 students have the opportunity to attend a “Write Your Life” Workshop with distinguished Palestinian writer, Ibtisam Barakat, come November 2 and 3.  The work of Ibtisam Barakat centers on healing social injustices, especially in lives of young people

To be accepted as a Workshop Participant, as seats are limited, students must follow these steps:

1) Purchase her Ebook, Tasting the Sky: a Palestinian Childhood, from Finance for 5JD by Tuesday, 28 May.  Ms. Kathleen will notify you when it is available.

2) Read the book this summer.

3) Apply for the workshop in early September, which will incorporate Tasting the Sky. Winners will be selected by a staff committee and notified of their acceptance by 15 October.


Why “Write Your Life”?

Write Your Life seminar, which Ibtisam founded in 1999, is the fruit of her firsthand experience with the art of writing and her ongoing creative process. Literally, and literary, writing saved her life, gave her a mirror that told her the truth whether beautiful or wounded, encouraged her ability to hope greatly, protected her ability to play, and took her by the hand to where she met freedom. . . “If writing were to be put in one hand and a mountain of gold is put in the other, I will choose writing”.