Toyota Dream Car Art Contest - Category 3: 12-15 years

Toyota Dream Car Art Contest - Category 3: 12-15 years

by Shadi Shehadeh shehadeh -
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May I kindly ask you to announce the following to Grades 6-8 in tomorrow's morning registration?

  • The contest will be held nationally between 1 and 16 February, 2023
  • First-place winners of every age category will be granted an iPad and Apple Pencil each.
  • Second and third place winners will receive art supplies packages.
  • Those interested in participating must complete the application form and submit a photo of the artwork by no later than the abovementioned date via the link here

Toyota Dream Car Art Contest for kids 2023 | Toyota Jordan

Drawing Regulations. 1. Digital and hand-drawn drawings are accepted. 2. Drawings must have a clear title and description. 3. Paper Size: 400mm x 550mm or smaller. Recommended pap



Artwork Regulations 

1. Digital and hand-drawn artworks are accepted. 

2. Artworks must have a clear title and description. 

3. Paper Size: 400mm x 550mm or smaller. • Recommended paper size is A3 or Tabloid (A4, Quarto and Octavo paper sizes are also accepted). • Any paper color, material and shape are accepted.

Artworks thicker than 5mm will be rejected.

4. Drawing Materials: • Any drawing material may be used (such as colored pencils, markers, crayons or paints). • Artworks created from drawings generated via computers or similar devices are accepted. • Collage or cutout pictures are allowed for plain drawings (excluding those that may taint other artworks or require special handling). 

5. Unaccepted Artworks: • Collaborative artworks created by multiple individuals. • Artworks created by a person other than the participant. • Artworks with an incomplete entry form or missing information. • Artworks that resemble previous contest submissions and famous paintings or include trademarked characters. 

6. Artwork and entry form must be submitted together.


Moreover, as country representatives, the artworks of the first-place winners will compete against other country winners in the World Contest - to be held in Japan this year - where a cash prize awaits the global champion.